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Homeopathic meds

Beware of anyone telling you to use homeopathic meds for stuttering! Some of the ones that might be suggested include gelsemium, aconite, and stramonium. Doing some research on these will reveal some interesting information.

Here's a paragraph of a lady describing what gelsemium did to her:
"A few moments after taking the medicine there is an extreme feeling of restlessness - not able to be still for a second, keep turning and twisting all the time. This is succeeded by intense pain over the right eye, always the right; it seems as if my forehead would come right over my eyes and close them; my eyes feel as if they were turning into my head, roll up all the time. Then a strong inclination to commit suicide. Want to throw myself from a height; invariably think of going to the window and dashing myself down - feel as if it would be a relief. This is succeeded by an inclination to weep, and I generally have a good cry, but before I cry and while the feeling lasts of wishing to throw myself from a height, I clench my hands, and nervous rigors or sensations run all over my body down to my fingers and toes; it seems as if I would lose my senses. Then a great dread of being alone seizes me, and I am afraid of what may happen; think I may lose all self-control. The pain still continues over the right eye, and often the back part of my head seems to have a spot about four inches square that is turning to ice. These feelings are followed by a strong inclination to talk or write, very great exhilaration, and a better opinion of my mental capacity - indeed it seems as if my memory was better, that I can recall almost anything I ever read; nearly always repeat long passages of something to myself that I have read years before. It appears to me that I can remember almost anything I love to recall. Now this is my invariable experience whenever I take Gelsemium no matter whether in the 3rd or 1,000th potency and I have been in the habit of using it for twenty years. I am writing this under the influence of the drug. I could not give the symptoms so accurately at any other time. As I am getting over the effects of the drug I have to urinate every few minutes. While suffering I like to have people in the room - have a perfect horror of being alone."

Here is what I found on aconite:
"All the species contain an active poison Aconitine, one of the most formidable poisons which have yet been discovered: it exists in all parts of the plant, but especially in the root. The smallest portion of either root or leaves, when first put into the mouth, occasions burning and tingling, and a sense of numbness immediately follows its continuance. One-fiftieth grain of Aconitine will kill a sparrow in a few seconds; one-tenth grain a rabbit in five minutes. It is more powerful than prussic acid and acts with tremendous rapidity. One hundredth grain will act locally, so as to produce a well-marked sensation in any part of the body for a whole day. So acrid is the poison, that the juice applied to a wounded finger affects the whole system, not only causing pains in the limbs, but a sense of suffocation and syncope."

Wouldn't you rather stutter than have the effects of these meds?

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Law Student said...

Great information, Bud! Those things sound scary and dangerous. Most homeopathic "medicines" aren't tested...and the ones that are, usually don't have long-term testing and research. CAUTION is definitely the word of the day. And ESPECIALLY be cautious of people who promote them...sell a program...but won't tell you what's IN the program.