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Overcoming Disappointment

I was reading Overcoming Life's Disappointments by Harold Kushner and came upon a chapter that most stutterers can relate to and may find helpful. Here are some quotes from the chapter "A Hard Road, Not a Smooth One."

"Most people show an astonishing capacity for emotional healing. They go through a period of anger and/or depression, but most of the time they find their way through it and emerge ready to pick up their lives and go on."

"When life has dealt you a painful blow, let it hurt but trust yourself to get over it."

Talking to a young teen with diabetes "This is unfair and you don't deserve it. But don't let this one thing define you. Most of you works just fine; there is just one small part of you that's malfunctioning. Try to keep it in perspective."

"Concentrate on what you have, not just on what you have lost."

"When part of your world has collapsed, make do with what you have left and don't stop celebrating."

I think all of us can learn from these words.

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