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Comments from stutterers

It is interesting to read what PWS say about themselves. I occasionally save one as it says it like it is. I didn't, however, keep the name of the person who said this: "I am now able to talk fluently after working very hard to overcome the stutter and my whole life has improved one hundred percent." The key is "after working very hard." Improving our lives because of any disorder that we need to improve on won't happen over night or because of attending a class or reading a book. It takes dedication, hard work, and practice. It often takes a change of attitude and/or lifestyle. If the person who is overweight eats right and increases their activity level, they will lose weight, but they have to continue those changes in habits or they will gain weight again. The PWS needs speech therapy, changes in lifestyle and speaking habits, learning what they do when they stutter (i.e. tighten jaw, tense lips etc) and then focus on changing those things. They will have to do what they learn in therapy outside the sessions and continually practice them. After awhile, these new things will become part of them and will be natural - making talking easier.

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