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Speech Therapy?

I am always interested in learning more about stuttering and how it affects PWS. In the case of my relatives who stuttered, only one was able to go to a speech therapist who specialized in treating stuttering. I have found out that some stutterers feel they have wasted their time and money going to speech therapy. Perhaps, they did not find out ahead of time if the therapist was trained and had experience working with stuttering. Certainly, questions should be asked in advance so money and time aren't wasted. When our son needed surgery, I sure did ask the surgeon questions about his experience with that particular surgery and how many of them he had performed. I would think that PWS would ask a therapist how many stutterers they have helped. It probably is a good idea to ask what are the therapist's goals for the stutterer to see if their goals are the same as the person who stutters. There are therapists out there who have spent their life stuttering so they know what a stutterer needs. The reason the went into the field of speech pathology is so they could help others that are going through the same thing. If a PWS really wants empathy, they should ask if the therapist stutters or used to stutter.

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