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Angry about stuttering

If you are one who has a very hard time talking because of stuttering, you may get mad -mad at your mouth and mad at the stuttering. You hate it. It is alright to be angry at your stuttering and to hate it. If you express how angry you are about your stuttering, you will feel much better. The only problem with expressing your anger is that you need to do it with the right people and at the right time. It is best to do this at home or when you are with one real good friend. It should not be the only thing that you talk about. Don't let yourself dwell on your anger. Express the fact that you are upset with your stuttering, but then go on to other things. If you are really angry and need to vent, get in your room by yourself and hit a punching bag or yell at the pillow. Then follow your venting with something that makes you feel good like listening to music you like, doing a hobby you enjoy, or reading something funny. Then concentrate on being fun to be around so people will enjoy being with you. If you complain about your problems all of the time, nobody will want to spend much time with you. Be fun despite your stuttering!

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