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Opinion of Awareness Days?

What is your opinion of having days set aside for educating the public on stuttering or other disorders? I got hot this morning when I read a column in an online newspaper at this page http://www.theday.com/re.aspx?re=6a8...b-47a0bdcd03ba. Am I the only one who doesn't mind that different organizations set aside a day or week to try to educate the public? And, as a supporter of The Stuttering Foundation of America because that is where my uncle found a specialist who helped him overcome stuttering and used their book "Self Therapy for the Stutterer," I was really upset with this line "If you write a check to The Stuttering Foundation of America, for example, I'm sure they'll stop making you aware of stuttering at least until next year." You can see how I responded to Kenton Robinson as they posted what I sent in. After I read that article, the same feeling came back to me as when kids used to laugh at my uncle when he stuttered. Is this old man upset for no reason? Do those of you who stutter like the idea of a day or week set aside as "National Stuttering Awareness Day" - coming up sometime in October?

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