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Use information learned about stuttering

I saw this quote "Getting the facts is only half the job. The other half is to use them wisely," and immediately thought of all the children who go through speech therapy and learn the techniques they need for better speech, but only use them in therapy sessions. I have read posts of adult stutterers who, after leaving school and not having access to therapy, said they wished they could remember everything they had been taught as they would try harder to use what they had learned, now. Wonder how you get young people to realize that they need to use those techniques and make them part of their everyday life for the rest of their lives. Learning something will do us no good if we don't apply what we have learned.

The same thing goes for parents who have a child who stutters. Getting the information of what to do and how to talk with the child is only the first step (www.stutteringhelp.org has this information); following the suggestions is the wise step.

Teachers, employers, and others should also become informed about stuttering in case they come in contact with someone who stutters. The stories that I have heard about injustices in school and the workplace make me wonder if some people should be allowed to be teachers or employers!