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Speaking with a stutter

I ran into a man who stutters the other day. He was having a rather hard time getting out what he wanted to say, but I just waited patiently. He finally told me that he was having one of those bad days when he just couldn't say anything. He was very sad about the death of a friend of the family, and he thought that had gotten him "off." He said on good, happy days, he seems to speak more in a rhythm with more pauses. If he gets excited, mad, sad, or anything extreme, he guesses he forgets to pace his talking, speak in his normal rhythm.

I remember my uncles saying the same thing. They had good days and bad days. I don't remember any of them saying that they tried speaking with a rhythm, but none of them stopped talking because of their stuttering; and they said if they tried not to stutter, they stuttered much worse.

Maybe these hints will help some of you have more good days than bad.