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Feelings and stuttering

From "Sometimes I Just Stutter" by The Stuttering Foundation

When you feel sad or angry about your stuttering...People get mad when things go wrong. When you try to do something and you fail again and again, you may be in a very bad temper. People also get to feeling sad inside when things keep going wrong for them.You would not mind being punished... once in a while by your parents or your teacher. But if that happened every day, you would feel upset or angry or both.

Grown-ups usually don’t show their anger or their sorrow openly. But if you observe them carefully, you will notice it anyway. They may be more quiet than usual, or they may find fault with everything or want to be alone. Stuttering every once in a while is no big deal. But if talking gets to be hard very often, you may get mad. Mad at your mouth. Mad at the stuttering. You start to hate it. Perhaps talking gets so hopelessly difficult that it makes you feel sad inside. Sad about your stuttering. People cry when they feel sad. Perhaps you were told not to act like a cry baby but to be brave and strong. But stuttering can feel so bad that it is OK to cry about it. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. And it is quite alright to be angry at your stuttering and to hate it. If you express how angry or how sad you are by shouting and stamping your feet or by having a good cry, you will feel a lot better. Perhaps you don’t want other people to know about these feelings. Then why don’t you express them in a place where nobody can see or hear you? But it’s even better to share your feelings with other people. That will make things easier all around.

Don’t be ashamed. Whatever happens, do NOT start blaming yourself. Because it’s not your fault that you stutter.