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Teachers can help those who stutter

Debbie Despirt did a great article, that you can read here http://teaching-strategies-mentorship.suite101.com/article.cfm/kid_stuttering, about how teachers can help students learn about stuttering, how they can intervene with teasing that kids almost always do when one of their peers stutters, and how they should treat the student who stutters. Teachers are not trained in how to handle students with speech disfluencies; some do the research on their own, but others are worse than kids and still have outdated notions on what to do. Some think that punishment of some kind will correct "the behavior." Since I was an educator, I was able to inform the teachers I came in contact with over the years, but that is "only a drop in the bucket." If a teacher doesn't have compassion for others by the time he/she starts teaching, someone needs to teach him/her how to treat others whether they have a discipline problem, a speech problem, or a physical problem.