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Young child suddenly stuttering

I thought this note might help other parents:

My daughter is 3. One day she spoke fine. The next day, she started to stutter. My husband, his brother, and his father stutter. So as soon as I heard her start, I contacted the doctor and the insurance company. Our doctor suggested we find a speech therapist at www.stutteringhelp.org as they are trained to work with stuttering and some therapists know very little about working with someone who stutters.

My daughter met with the speech therapist who took out a picture book and told her to tell her what was in each picture. She made notes of all the letters that our daughter got stuck on. The results were submitted to the insurance company. Therapy was approved for 5 sessions on a weekly basis with a possible 20 more. We scheduled the first 5.

On the first session, the therapist had a playmat with toys telling our daughter to talk about the toys. When our daughter got stuck, the therapist would help her slow down and drag out the letters that she was stuck on.

It went well. Can't wait for the next session.