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Reporting on stuttering

Reporters are looking for people who stutter so they can do articles about stuttering. This is one way that The King's Speech has gotten attention and is getting "the word out" about stuttering. If you stutter, call or e-mail your local paper letting them know that you are willing to be contacted either by e-mail or in person for answering questions. This is one reporter that is looking for people who stutter:

"The State Journal-Register is interviewing adults who stutter to learn how they have dealt with the condition and how their lives have been affected by it.

If you live in the Springfield area and would be willing to be interviewed about your stuttering and identified in an upcoming story, please contact SJ-R health reporter Dean Olsen at 217-788-1543 or dean.olsen@sj-r.com by 5 p.m. Thursday (Jan. 20)."