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Stuttering and suicidal thoughts

It is sad to see posts online by people who stutter saying that they wish they never had been born or that they are considering ending their lives because of their stuttering. Family members and peers need to reassure anyone who stutters that they are important and they are able to be an asset to society even though the stutter. There is help for stuttering, and the list of Famous People who Stutter on the web site of the Stuttering Foundation proves that you can do anything you want to do in life even if you stutter. My guess is that many of the people who have these types of thoughts are teens. Being a teenager is a hard time in a person's life. There is so much stress in being between a child and an adult, getting ready to leave home, trying to do well in school if you want to go on to college, trying to get a job (hard enough for those who speak well), and so many other things.

Talk to your parents, pastor, and/or counselor about your feelings and worries.

Get help for your stuttering - the Stuttering Foundation has free online books and videos plus referrals to speech therapists almost anywhere.

Put your emphasis on your strengths; think about what you do well; develop those areas as you may find that the less you think about your stuttering the less you will stutter.

Go ahead and talk; stutter on through what you have to say; don't try NOT to stutter.

Realize that everyone has something that they consider a limitation in their life; some just are not easily seen like stuttering.

Parents; get help for your child as early as possible so he/she doesn't have this happen to him/her.