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Stuttering in the Classroom

Click on the title of this post to read about how one educator handled having a student who stutters in her classroom. This should not happen to anyone with a speech impediment! Teachers should be educated on how to help rather than hinder students. It is so sad to read that there are still some people who don't know even after all these years of The Stuttering Foundation trying to get the word out about how to talk with someone who stutters and how to help them. Malcolm is turning over in his grave for sure. If I were young and able, I would gather at least 30 people who stutter and have the college allow us to be enrolled in Snyder's class just to show her that people who stutter are just as good as any other student. Having a room full of students who stutter would either drive her crazy and make her leave the teaching profession or make her enjoy the company of people who stutter.

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