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It’s okay to stutter

One of the best things we can do for those who stutter is to let them know that it is okay to stutter. If we make them feel that they must stop stuttering, it will just get worse. As an educator, I let it be known that stuttering or an difference was okay in my classroom. Students who stuttered with other teachers didn't stutter much or at all in my classroom. The more pressure put on these students, the worse it gets for them emotionally and physically. There is no need for time restraints on presentations though many teachers think so. The students should be given all the time they need to present their material. This will take so much pressure off and give students the chance to perfect presenting skills. Parents should be the same way "It is okay to stutter in this house." Speech teachers should tell students that they are just giving them techniques that will make their stuttering moments easier rather than making them think that the stuttering will stop.


David Martin said...

have you seen the kings speech? best film ever!

Bud said...

Yes, I did get to see it. It is very good.