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Many places take applications over the internet. They even have one in the store and point people to that when they come asking for a job. Things have changed over the years. We used to job hunt by replying to an ad in the paper, mailiing our resume, and getting a reply by mail or by going door to door and asking if they were hiring. If you are better in person than on the phone, stop in at some local shops and tell them you are looking for employment. Do not try to hide your stutter; tell them up front that you stutter but that you are a hard worker and have ____ skills. Take a written resume that lists your skills instead of past jobs since you haven't worked. You could try an employment agency if there is one in your town. You can also create your own job and be self employed for your first job. Think of what you enjoy doing and are skilled at and put an ad in the paper - type for people, do odd jobs for sick or elderly, drive people to doctor appointments (some people can't drive and would prefer to pay an individual rather than call a cab), etc. The Stuttering Foundation has a good brochure you can take to employers. Look at the brochure section at stutteringhelp.org

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