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television, radio, internet, and blogs

I find it very interesting to read other blogs, and this is one I have been reading lately http://www.stutteringhelp.org/blog

It is interesting to read about things that happen in therapy and that Harrison Craig and Lazaro Arbos have been helpful to young people who stutter who had never met anyone else who spoke like them.  They don't feel so alone in the world when they see people on television who stutter.

My uncles who stuttered didn't have a television when they were young.  I don't know how old they were before they had one or if some of them ever did.  Since nobody but their family where they lived spoke with a stutter, I bet they thought there was something wrong with only them until one left home and was sent to a speech therapist. What a different life they would have had with television, radio, and the internet to be able to get support from others who stutter.

Thankfully, the one who was sent for speech therapy learned about The Stuttering Foundation of America and their self therapy book that his therapist used.  Those who stutter and grow up in this age of technology will have it so much easier than those who grew up years ago. 

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