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Understanding a bully:

Most bullies are insecure and bully to build their self-esteem and feel powerful.
Many bullies were physically or emotionally abused or they’ve witnessed the abuse of other family members.
Some bullies were formerly bullied themselves.  They are taking out their anger on others or just doing what was done to them.
Spending too much time watching violent shows or playing violent games can cause the feeling that aggressive behavior is acceptable.
Bullies want to feel superior by controlling others.  They target ones who are shy and less likely to stand up for themselves.
Some bullies are jealous and bully to bring someone else down.
Some bullies are just bored and use harassing others to entertain themselves.
Bullies are often intolerant of those who are different.
Some bullies want to impress others with their power and think it is a way to earn admiration.

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