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Famous People Who Stutter from the Stuttering Foundation of America

Famous People Who Stutter
Tiger Woods — professional golfer
John Stossel — 20/20 co-anchor
Kenyon Martin — NBA player
Bob Love — legendary star of the Chicago Bulls
Nicholas Brendon — TV star "Xander" in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Alan Rabinowitz — zoologist, conservationist, and author
James Earl Jones — Broadway, television, and movie star.
Annie Glenn — wife of former astronaut, Senator Glenn
Johnny Damon — outfielder for the New York Yankees
Ron Harper — basketball star
Pat Williams — football player with the Minnesota Vikings
Mel Tillis — country singer
Winston Churchill — statesman and orator
Bruce Willis — actor
Julia Roberts — actress
Robert Merrill — opera star
Bill Walton — basketball star, sports commentator
John Updike — writer
Congressman Frank Wolf of Virginia
Jimmy Stewart — actor
Somerset Maugham — writer
Lewis Carroll — British writer, Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass
Margaret Drabble — British novelist
Robert A. Heinlein — science fiction writer
Budd Schulberg — "On the Waterfront," Oscar winner
Peggy Lipton — actress from TV show "Mod Squad" and "Twin Peaks"
Sam Neil — actor
Bo Jackson — athlete
Eric Roberts — actor
Raymond Massey — actor deceased
Carly Simon — singer
Lester Hayes — defensive back for LA Raiders
Tommy John — pitcher for Oakland A's former Yankee
Jack Paar — late show host
Neville Shute — Novelist
Andrew Lloyd Webber — famous for Cats, Phantom of the Opera
Prince Albert of Monaco
Miguel Estrada — Prominent attorney and nominee for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia
Greg Louganis — diving champion
Dave Taylor — Former hockey star with the LA Kings
Adrian Peterson — football star, running back with the Chicago Bears
Jack Ebert — producer "Dances with Wolves"
Anthony Quinn — actor
Marilyn Monroe — actress and singer
Chris Zorich — the Chicago Bears defensive lineman
P.F. Bentley — award-winning photographer for TIME Magazine
U.S. Senator Joseph Biden of Delaware
Sidney Gottlieb — controversial CIA psychologist and mastermind
Bill Withers — singer and song writer
Dominick Dunne — writer
Marc Shell — author and professor
John Gregory Dunne — novelist, journalist, screenwriter
Tom Sizemore — actor famous for role in "Saving Private Ryan"
Gordie Lane — hockey defenseman for the N.Y. Islanders
Bill Sheffield — former governor of Alaska
Rubin "Hurricane" Carter — boxer
Jermain Taylor — boxer
Charles Darwin — British naturalist and author of The Origin of Species
Ken Venturi — Legendary golfer and commentator for CBS Sports
King George VI — an inspiration to his country during WWII when he addressed the nation in radio broadcasts in spite of a severe stutter
Walter Wriston — CitibankJohn Sculley — AppleMike Harper — ConagraJack Welch — General ElectricVince Naimoli — Harvard IndustriesSteven Brill — Publisher and founder of Court TV

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