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Holidays and Stuttering

The holiday season is sometimes a very stressful time for those who stutter. Everyone is in such a hurry that they don't slow down for anything. A fast pace gets faster when there are more people waiting in line at the post office or in the store. Tempers get shorter if you don't keep up the pace. For someone who stutters, this makes life harder as stress and hurrying makes stuttering worse.

Start early to do your shopping so you don't get caught in an extremely busy store. Shopping online helps. Watch for items throughout the year that you know people you buy for will like, and buy them early. Have a box in your attic that you start filling for the next year. Keeping a box of gifts suitable for birthdays, baby gifts, wedding gifts, and Christmas will make the next year go much smoother and stressfree when time comes for any special occasion.

Get any gifts that need to be mailed to the post office early. Don't put it off until the last possible minute. You will be happy to have it done, and the receiver will have a gift to put under the tree as soon as the tree is up. Many people have their trees up right after Thanksgiving.

You will find that you enjoy the holidays more when you are relaxed.

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