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Back to School for those who stutter

For many children who stutter, this will be a hard time to return to school. The excitement and rush of the Christmas season makes everyone move and talk faster, which is detrimental in some cases for those who stutter. If a child was seeing a speech teacher, it has been several weeks since their last session, and many young children will have forgotten to keep on practicing what they last learned. It will seem like they are starting all over again. Having patience with your child if you are a parent, with your class if you are a teacher, and with yourself if you are the one who stutters, will make things go a little smoother. All of the other children will be wanting to tell what happened over the holidays and having so much to say makes it hard to take turns, but it is very important for a teacher to give every child a chance to talk and to have patience with one who stutters.

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Ed Bremson said...

Bud, thanks for visiting my blog The Tao of Politics and leaving such an interesting comment. And I'm glad I found your blog. Your perspective on stuttering seems very helpful. Thanks.