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nonprofit stuttering foundation reaching out to help

After seeing this on a web page, "Stay away from stuttering foundations. My friend stutters and the foundations have never reached out to help him" I have to share some information.

Many organizations have high overheads and spend much of their money on salaries, rent, accounting, and such. The Stuttering Foundation of America has their audit on their web site. 95% of their money goes directly to helping people who stutter, their families, friends, teachers, and employers.

Their web site is full of information that you don't have to pay to see. They send any public library free books and DVDs so people can access them free. Their cost for books and DVDs that you wish to have for yourself is so low; it only covers their postage and handling.

If it hadn't been for The Stuttering Foundation of America, my uncles and cousins would not have gotten help, I feel sure. So there may be some stuttering foundations that "have never reached out to help" people who stutter, but The Stuttering Foundation of America sure isn't one of them. Whoever posted that blurb needs to learn about them. You can check the official tax forms at www.guidestar.org.

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