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Going to speech therapy

The referrals on the Foundation's web site are all trained to work with those who stutter and their families, and some stuttered themselves. One of my uncles found his therapist through the Foundation. He was the one who became the most fluent, the most educated, and the one who became and engineer with a good company. His brothers used a self therapy book, probably didn't try as hard, never strived for higher education, and all worked in manual labor jobs but did learn to speak more fluently. I wonder if the encouragement from the therapist along with regular, scheduled practice helped the one uncle move toward his goal or if he would have done it anyway because of his personality. He was the go-getter of the group while the others were the "whatever" type.

Going to speech therapy is good especially if you find a therapist who specialized in treating those who stutter. If they aren't listed on the Foundation's web site under "referrals," I would ask questions to make sure the money is well spent or find a speech therapist who has been trained to work with stuttering.

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Law Student said...

It's wonderful to see a family member so interested in this issue, Bud. You give great advice here. I'll be linking you to my personal blog, as well, if that's okay: http://www.stutteringstudent.blogspot.com