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Aquatic Speech Therapy

I just ran across this article and thought that it is a wonderful way to get people to relax, play, and practice speech at the same time! The pools will be filled with speech therapists and people who stutter, lisp, or some other disfluency if this indeed does work. Maybe, students would be more apt to attend speech therapy if they got to play in the pool at the same time. Since practice helps speech and the more often disfluent people go over the techniques learned in therapy, the more fluent they get; getting to swim and play in the water will make therapy fun and something to look forward to.

Thursday, February 08, 2007
There`s a new program at the North Texas Rehab Center that`s really making a splash with some young clients. It`s called Aquatic Speech Therapy and it uses pool exercises to develop language. Kids who stutter, suffer from cerebral palsy or have fluency problems tend to open up in the water, and therapists say it`s amazing how verbal kids can be when they`re relaxed. The best part is, most of the children don`t realize how much they`re getting done. Jennifer Auldridge, speech language pathologist said, "and they don`t think they`re working, that`s the great part about it, they don`t think they`re working, they think they`re playing but we`re getting a lot of work done."

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