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Wonderful Teacher

I just had to share this note from a preschool teacher. Wouldn't it be great if all teachers taught like Tina? You know that she is patient, respectful, and polite and that is why her young charges are the same way with the one who stutters.

Here's the original note:
We're discussing diversity with our young group. Not only are we discussing the differences in skin color, nationalities, backgrounds,etc. I'm looking for books that feature children that have physical handicaps. For the young ones in wheelchairs, wear leg braces, uses a walker, etc., I have no books that include them.....:( If you have anybooks that you could recommend for the 3-7 age range, I would greatly appreciate it! Tina B

My reply:
If you would teach your class about people who stutter and how to react to them, you would be doing your class a favor as well as all of the people who stutter. Stuttering is something that embarasses and frustrates millions of people. It is a cause of many people to talk as little as possible and to socialize as little as possible because of the reactions that come from others.

Go to The Stuttering Foundation of America at http://www.stutteringhelp.org/. They have one book online that is written for children. It is called "Sometimes I Just Stutter." It can be found on this page: http://www.stutteringhelp.org/Default.aspx?tabid=209

I commend you for teaching your children about people who are different from them. I come from a family of people who stutter and know first-hand the sadness caused by being different. I also went to school with a boy who had to wear braces on his legs. I was the only one who would play with him as he couldn't run and keep up with all of us. I became good at tether-ball as I played that with him every day at recess while the other boys ran and played football, baseball, tag, etc.


Here's the teacher's response:
Thank you for your recommendation, Bud. I currently have a young one in our group who stutters. The kids have become so accustomed to it, that they don't bat an eye when he speaks. They're patient and respectful, allowing him all the time he needs to express himself. I will check the website and see what books they have.Tina B

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