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Donating $ to help those who stutter

One of the methods we used to be able to use to donate to The Stuttering Foundation was through the Combined Federal Campaign, but they have changed the rules in such a way that this private foundation that helps educate parents, the public, teachers, and employers is now not going to be allowed to participate!

Show your support of The Stuttering Foundation both by giving straight through their web site at www.stutteringhelp.org and by posting a comment at http://www.philanthropy.com/news/updates/index.php?id=2686 .

The Foundation does such a good job at helping parents by giving excellent information on their web site, over the phone, and by donating free books and DVDs to any public library that will shelve them. They need our support. Check out their audit on their web site www.stutteringhelp.org and see that they don't waste donations!

Our family of stutterers would now be the same without having had the help from The Stuttering Foundation!

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Your comments are very helpful. I found the links very educational.