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Tips for teens who stutter

Here are some things that teens said about stuttering - their tips to help others like them who stutter too!
  • More haste, less speech
  • People are more interested in what you have to say than how you are saying it
  • Make a list of the things you are good at
  • Notice other people's communication skills - no one is perfect!
  • You can't mind-read - imagining the worst doesn't help
  • Notice the colour of people's eyes when you talk to them - this will help you to maintain eye contact
  • You can help others feel relaxed. Smile and try to look relaxed (even if your stomach is all knots and butterflies)
  • To stop people asking you questions - ask them something first (e.g. "where do you live, work, go to school etc?")
  • The harder you try not to stutter, the worse it gets - go with the flow
  • Use pauses to give yourself time
  • Try to talk about your stutter to someone today
  • Mention the stutter in passing as if you are not concerned about it!
  • Notice those things that seem to help - and do some more
  • Praise yourself for having a go at something you usually avoid
  • Noticing something you have done well is better than self-criticism
  • Be fair to yourself
  • Try to avoid self-talk which includes 'I must' and 'I should' - try 'I might have a go' and 'I could try to'
  • Set one small but achievable goal today - and pat yourself on the back
  • Notice the times when you stutter less, rather than concentrating on when it is worse
  • Don't start speaking until you are ready
  • Say a little more than you usually do
  • When you mind less about your stuttering, you often stutter less too
  • Smile a bit more; this will help others feel relaxed
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway!
  • Worrying about what others might be thinking is very unhelpful - you could be wrong
  • Can you really read other peoples' minds? Do you really know what other people think about your speech?
  • Do most people know you stutter? Try not to hide it from them
  • Is everyone nasty about stuttering? Or are some people just nasty?


Daniele said...

I like these suggestions. Especially the one about noticing the colour of eyes of the person you're talking to! A great way to keep eye contact!

vugiang said...

thanks for giving us these suggestions. I will try them, hope that they will be helpful.