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Can't depend on those devices

Everyone who stutters wants a quick fix. One uncle said that he wished he could just bang his head on the wall and make the stuttering go away. Unfortunately, there has been no quick fix found. Some people have found that they get some relief from medications or devices, but they don't work for all stutterers. Studies that I have read about have shown that people have spent lots of money on a device that worked at first but after awhile it didn't work for them. I would think that you would want something to work for you all of the time and to know that it would not stop working for you if you spent a bunch of money on it.

People who have gone to therapy say that it didn't help them. I would wonder if they went to a speech therapist who specialized in treating stuttering. I would also wonder if the stutterer practiced the techniques they were taught. My uncles and cousins who stuttered worked through "Self Therapy for the Stutterer" with one uncle going to speech therapy at the same time. His therapist used that book in her sessions. All of them said that it was not a book to just read, but one that they had to study and work slowly through each section while practicing what they learned. None of them tried any medication nor device and all of them became much more fluent.

It seems that you can't depend on those devices, and it would be better to spend the time and effort on learning what to do to become more fluent and practice, practice, practice! If a PWS has money to spend, it is well worth putting it into paying for speech therapy from a professional who specializes in treating stuttering.

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