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Talking is harder when you are tired

One thing that I noticed about my relatives who stuttered was that they had a harder time and stuttered more when they were tired. One cousin, who never stuttered when he was talking with me, had a day that he just couldn't get anything out smoothly. He admitted that he had stayed up late the night before working on a school project in order to be able to come to the family gathering and have his work ready to hand in the following Monday. He said that he often noticed that he stuttered more when he was tired. He had to make sure that he planned his life so that he was never short-changed on sleep. If he didn't, he paid for it by not being able to talk well the following day. I wonder if that is true for all people who stutter. I know that I often have lapses of memory and not being able to think of the right word I want when I am tired.

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