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Bullying and teasing

Almost everyone who stutters has been teased or bullied more than once by children and adults. Some adults have commented that they were teased all their life because of the way they talk.

People who bully want someone who responds in a way that allows them to feel powerful. A child without power cannot bully. Power can be defined as either physical strength, social status, or intimidating behavior.

Here are some tips about what to do if you are bullied:

Ignore the bully. Bullies want to upset you. They don't get what they want if you ignore them.

Yell and repeat what a bully said to you. Bullies don't want others to know what they are up to.

Go place with others and stay in a group. Bullies hate a crowd. Make friends that have similar interests by taking classes or joining a club.

Don't appear upset. Stay calm and cool. Bullies feel powerful if they upset you.

Stay away from where bullying happens, or if you have to go there, go with friends.

Agree with the bully. Bullies count on you to argue with them. If you agree, there's nothing more for the bully to say.

Make a joke out of what the bully said. Humor takes the power out of bullying and shows that you are in control rather than the bully.

Give the bully some facts. Sometimes people bully because they don't understand why someone is different. If you give the bully some facts, you show that you are not upset and you might take away the bully's reason for picking on you.

Laugh, sing, yodel, dance, etc! Bullies count on your acting upset. If you do something unexpected instead, it shows you are not bothered at all.

Be direct. "I don't like your making fun of the way I talk." Bullies want you to just accept what they say. If you tell them directly how you feel and what you want, you let them know they are not in charge.

Tell your teacher at school or supervisor at work. Nobody should have to put up with bullying, teasing, or harrassment of any kind.