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Pagoclone study in California

I just saw this on the Stuttering Foundation's MySpace page:

"The Pharmacology Research Institute, based in Los Alamitos, California will be one of the research sites taking part in the new Pagoclone Research Study . This study is a 24 week clinical trial designed to assess the efficacy, safety and tolerability of Pagoclone for the treatment of adults with stuttering. We will begin enrollment this coming week.Our research center participated in the first Pagoclone study that began about three and a half years ago. If you are interested in participating in the new study please contact our office using the following e-mail address: mhenry@priresearch.com or you can visit our company's website at www. priresearch. com. Stuttering is not listed on our home page but if you select the option to schedule a free consultation and after you select the office of Los Alamitios/Long Beach you will be asked to indicate which study you are interested in and option for Persistent Stuttering will be listed there." (go to this page http://www.priresearch.com/losala.html and choose Persistent Stuttering)