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National Stuttering Awareness Week and others in May

Look at this http://battlingforhealth.com/2009/05/health-observances-in-may/

I never realized that we had so many health observances in May. I knew that National Stuttering Awareness Week is always the second week in May, but I didn't know about all the others. I know that much more needs to be done to educate the public about stuttering and how to converse with someone who stutters. That fact was brought out the other day when I saw a post from a stutterer saying that they had gone to a store to ask for a brand of sunglasses and stuttered on the name. The employee repeated it back with the stutter just like the person had said it. What humiliation and what horrible customer service on the part of that employee. It just shows that companies need to train staff better on relating to their customers whether they talk differently, walk differently (or can't walk), look different, or anything.