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Tips on Bullying

Bullies want to upset you. If you ignore them, they don’t get what they want.

Bullies don’t want others to know what they’re up to. If you attract the attention of someone nearby, the bully will back off. Yell something like “No, you are not going to beat me up. Leave me alone.”

Stick with others. Kids who bully hate a crowd.

Don’t look upset. Bullies feel powerful when they upset you. If you look uncaring, the bully has lost that “power.”

Agree with the bully. Bullies count on you to argue with them. If you just agree, there’s nothing more for the bully to say.

Give the bully some facts. "I stutter because I caught the defective gene in my family." Sometimes people bully because they don’t understand why someone is different. If you give the bully some facts, you do two things: you show that you’re not upset and you might take away the bully’s reason for picking on you.

People who bully want someone who responds in a way that allows them to feel powerful. A person without power cannot bully. Power can be defined as either physical strength, social status, or intimidating behavior.