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Electronic Devices

There is so much about those things you stick in your ear to stop stuttering both on the web, in the newspapers, and in magazines that many stutterers think it is the way to go. None of my family members ever had access to such a thing, and couldn't have afforded it if they had. Only one uncle could afford to go to a speech therapist who specialized in treating stuttering.

Those electronic devices either delay or alter the sound of one's voice, creating an echo, or play some sort of noise. These things don't work for every stutterer and the effects wear off over time for some.

Seems that being willing to work hard to become more fluent would give you more satisfaction than sticking something in your ear, even if it does work. As soon as you take the device out of your ear, you are right back to the way your were before. If you are patient and willing to take the time and effort to work at your speech either with a therapist or by using self therapy, I would think you would enjoy life more and have a sense of accomplishment. Besides, what if that device were to stop working or fall out and drop in the sewer?

If money is no problem and you need the help of the device for a job interview or speech while you are working in therapy, that might be helpful. But, I would still get into speech therapy with someone who can help stutterers. The Stuttering Foundation has a list of therapists as well as questions to ask when hunting for the perfect therapist. See this page: http://www.stutteringhelp.org/Default.aspx?tabid=9

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