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No "Quick Fix" for a Cure for Stuttering

Any PWS (person who stutters) would love a quick fix so he/she could wake up one morning and never stutter again. The same is true for anyone who is not the way he/she wants to be! How many times in my life have I heard comments such as "Oh, I wish my hair were straight. I hate these curls," "I wish I had pretty eyes like she has," "I wish diabetes didn't run in MY family," "If only I had two good legs like everyone else," "Nobody knows how hard it is to live with arthritis," or some other malady that they wish they could wake up without one day.

Just as some people have to spend the rest of their life taking insulin shots, having a rigid exercise routine, taking arthritis medicine, wearing braces, etc., the PWS will spend the rest of their life working on their speech. Successful treatment requires learning fluency technigues and then practicing them all the time. Even if you find that one of the electronic devices works for you, it still needs to be part of a stuttering therapy program.

Anyone looking for a “quick fix” is going to be disappointed. There is no cure for stuttering. Finding a good speech therapist who is trained in treating stuttering and working hard on the skills learned outside of therapy is the best thing you can do.

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